Volume 5: The Soulban now available in english

Ardeen: NimrodThe fifth book of the Ardeen saga is now available as e-book on Amazon!

In the world of Ardeen, the situation comes to a head and the reader experiences some unexpected surprises until...
Volume V is the brilliant finale after the first four books and the curse of the soulban finally comes to an end.



Volume 4: The End of the Golden Age

Ardeen: The End of the Golden Age The fourth part of the fantasy saga is now available in english as e-book on Amazon.

Prince Raiden enjoys his freedom and leisurely lifestyle, Ravenor struggles with the new responsibilities of a commander, and Eryn tries out his skills as an architect in the seclusion of the Nimrod.

It is a time of peace and freedom. But it is a deceptive peace, for enemies are gathering all around them and the end of the Golden Age is near…



Volume 3: Nimrod

Ardeen: NimrodThe third book of the Ardeen saga is now available as e-book in english on Amazon!

Raiden finally finds a way into the Nimrod – with Eryn's help. And instead of finding answers to their many questions, everything just gets more complicated.

The Nimrod turns out to be a great retreat for magical beings of all kinds. From the bloodthirsty monster to the first species, everyone is there... but no true allies. And yet help is promised, as an exchange for the key.

Also the mysterious Voice in Eryn's head speaks again, sending them to the Six Places of Power... so that Eryn's fate can finally be fulfilled.

“Well, if that's not a trap...” (The Dragon of Science)



Ardeen: New Paths Volume 2: New Paths

The second volume of the Ardeen-world has been released on August, 9. 2015.

You can get it only as e-book on Amazon.



Volume 1: The Circle of Magic

Now available as e-book on Amazon: The first volume of the Ardeen series.

Ardeen: The Circle of Magic The first volume of Ardeen is available in English since December, 17. 2014.  

Volume II: New Directions is in the process of being translated and will be published in spring 2015.

The following titles are already available in German:

Volume 1: Der Kreis der Magie
Volume 2: Neue Wege
Volume 3: Nimrod
Volume 4: Das Ende der goldenen Zeit
Volume 5: Der Seelenbann
Volume 6: Die Geschenke des Drachen