Volume 3: Nimrod

The translation of volume 3 is in progress. Release will be summer 2018.
Be forewarned, for now our brave heroes are entering the land of dragons.


Volume 2: New Paths

the second volume of the Ardeen-world has been released on 09. August 2015.

You can get it only as an ebook on amazone.


Volume 1: The Circle of Magic

Now available as e-book on Amazon: The first volume of the Ardeen series.

The first volume of Ardeen is available in English since 17.12.2014.  

Ardeen: The Circle of Magic

Volume II: New Directions is in the process of being translated and will be published in spring 2015.

The following titles are already available in German:

Volume 1: Der Kreis der Magie
Volume 2: Neue Wege
Volume 3: Nimrod
Volume 4: Das Ende der goldenen Zeit
Volume 5: Der Seelenbann
Volume 6: Die Geschenke des Drachen